Charles Frazier

Literary Birthday – 4 November – Charles Frazier

Happy Birthday, Charles Frazier, born 4 November 1950.

Five Quotes

  1. Writing doesn’t come real easy to me. I couldn’t write a novel in a year. It wouldn’t be readable. I don’t let an editor even look at it until the second year, because it would just scare them. I just have to trust that all these scraps and dead-ends will find a way.
  2. When I’m really working, it’s seven days a week. I like the discipline of writing every day to keep that forward movement going.
  3. It always helps me connect with characters, to think about what music they respond to.
  4. I don’t play anything. I’m a listener. Listeners and readers––whatever it is, whether it’s music or writing or art, in general, the artist is offering the ability to make a little bit of sense out of the world. I don’t quite know how people who don’t pay any attention to art in any form get through a day, hardly, much less have any sense of redemption.
  5. I was creating this historical, fictional world, and I wanted the language of the book to create a sense of otherness, of another world, one that the reader doesn’t entirely know.

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Posted on: 4th November 2013