Jane Green

Literary Birthday – 31 May – Jane Green

Happy Birthday, Jane Green, born 31 May 1968.

Six Quotes

  1. Writing is a muscle that needs to be exercised every day: The more you write, the easier it becomes.
  2. I don’t listen to anything when I’m writing. I need total quiet, which is astounding, given that I spent years working for a newspaper and having to write features surrounded by ringing phones and people shouting.
  3. I’d like to think I’m not quite so pretentious as to think my characters go off and live their lives once I’ve written the final page and switched the computer off.
  4. I love getting out the house because writing is such a solitary business that even being at the library makes me feel part of the world.
  5. Writing is entirely subjective, and as tempting as it is to give your book to your six best friends, your parents, your siblings, your Great Aunt Sadie, for validation as to how talented you are and to hear how much they love it, too many cooks will spoil your broth, and you will end up with so many opinions, your head will be spinning.
  6. Writing requires, more than anything else, tremendous discipline. At the end of the day, whilst there are times when it is wonderfully creative and fun, a lot of the time it is just a job. And that means showing up whether you feel like it or not. It also means you write, whether you are inspired or not, and the only way to unlock your creativity, is to start writing.

Jane Green is an English author of women’s novels. Together with Helen Fielding she is considered a founder of the genre known as chick lit. She is the author of 14 New York Times Best-selling novels. Her novels include The Beach House, Second Chance, Jemima J, and Tempting Fate.

Source for Image: Author’s website

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 31st May 2014