Literary Birthday – 30 April – P.C. Cast

Happy Birthday, P.C. Cast, born  30 April 1960.

P.C. Cast Quotes

  1. You know how it is with cats: They don’t really have owners, they have staff.
  2. Vampires and teens have a lot in common. Teens have surging hormones, vampires have surging blood lust. Teenagers think they’re immortal.
  3. As a successful romantic novelist – one of my publishers is Mills & Boon – I create the sort of male heroes that no woman could fail to adore and few real men could hope to emulate.
  4. If you’re too scared to put your dreams, thoughts, desires, fantasies on paper and share them with the world, then being an author isn’t the right career for you.
  5. With a young-adult series, you need to get a lot of books out on the market quickly. Teenagers aren’t going to wait years and years for the next book.

Phyllis Christine Cast is an American romance and fantasy author. She is known for the House of Night series she writes with her daughter Kristin Cast, as well as her own Goddess Summoning and Partholon series.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 30th April 2014