John Crowe Ransom

Literary Birthday – 30 April – John Crowe Ransom

John Crowe Ransom was born 30 April 1888  and died 3 July 1974.

John Crowe Ransom Quotes

  1. When critics are waiting to pounce upon poetic style on exactly the same grounds as if it were prose, the poets tremble.
  2. Now between the meanings of words and their sounds there is ordinarily no discoverable relation except one of accident; and it is therefore miraculous, to the mystic, when words which make sense can also make a uniform objective structure of accents and rhymes.
  3. For no art and no religion is possible until we make allowances, until we manage to keep quiet the enfant terrible of logic that plays havoc with the other faculties.
  4. But we moderns are impatient and destructive.

John Crowe Ransom was an American educator, scholar, literary critic, poet, essayist and editor. He is considered to be a founder of The New Criticism school of literary criticism.


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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 30th April 2018