Literary Birthday – 3 February – Rosamond Lehmann

Rosamond Lehmann was born 3 February 1901 and died 12 March 1990.


  1. A writer works from the material she has, but it comes from the unconscious. Everything is stored up and one never knows what comes up to the surface at a given moment. A period of gestation is certainly needed, what Wordsworth called ‘emotion recollected in tranquillity’. You cannot write about an experience when you are living it, suffering it. You are too busy surviving to look at it objectively.
  2. How long, I wonder, will ignorance spell purity and knowledge shame?
  3. Convention is another name for the habits of society.
  4. The novel will never die, but it will keep changing and evolving and taking different shapes. Storytelling, which is the basis of the novel, has always existed and always will.
  5. Trust your unhappiness like you trust your happiness.

Rosamond Lehmann was an English novelist and translator. Her first novel, Dusty Answer, was a scandalous success and she became intimate with members of the Bloomsbury set. She is also the author of Invitation to the Waltz. Lehmann was awarded the CBE in 1982.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 2nd February 2020