Mina Loy

Literary Birthday – 27 December – Mina Loy

Mina Loy was born 27 December 1882 and died 25 September 1966.


  1. Poetry is prose bewitched, a music made of visual thoughts, the sound of an idea.
  2. Life is only limited by our prejudices. Destroy them, and you cease to be at the mercy of yourself.
  3. Fling yourself at life and let yourself feel what you do feel upon the very tick of the second; snatch the images of life that fly through the brain. If you are very frank with yourself and don’t mind how ridiculous anything that comes to you may seem, you will have a chance of capturing the symbols of your direct reactions. Thus, you will, perhaps, find yourself reaching a heightened sense of awareness completely outside the realm of mundane experience.
  4. Leave off looking to men to find out what you are not – seek within yourselves to find out what you are.
  5. The feminist movement as at present instituted is Inadequate. Women if you want to realise yourselves—you are on the eve of a devastating psychological upheaval—all your pet illusions must be unmasked—the lies of centuries have got to go—are you prepared for the Wrench—? There is no half-measure—NO scratching on the surface of the rubbish heap of tradition, will bring about Reform, the only method is Absolute Demolition. Cease to place your confidence in economic legislation, vice-crusades & uniform education—you are glossing over Reality. Professional & commercial careers are opening up for you—Is that all you want? (Loy Feminist Manifesto)

Mina Loy was a British artist, writer, poet, playwright, novelist, futurist, feminist, designer of lamps, and bohemian. She was one of the last of the first generation modernists. Her work was introduced to British readers in The Lost Lunar Baedeker: Poems of Mina Loy. Her only novel, Insel, was published posthumously in 1991.

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Posted on: 27th December 2017