Elizabeth Smart

Literary Birthday – 27 December – Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart was born 27 December 1913 and died 4 March 1986.


  1. A pen is a furious weapon. But it needs a rage of will.
  2. Work is the only only only remedy for life: for happiness, for interest, for stability, for security. Hard, willed work. Oh work!
  3. The page is as white as my face after a night of weeping. It is as sterile as my devastated mind.

Elizabeth Smart was a Canadian poet and novelist. She is famous for writing about her romance with the poet, George Barker in her book, By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept. She is the subject of the 1991 biography, By Heart: Elizabeth Smart a Life by Rosemary Sullivan, and a film, Elizabeth Smart: On the Side of the Angels.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 27th December 2017