Edmund Gosse

Literary Birthday – 21 September – Edmund Gosse

Edmund Gosse was born 21 September 1849 and died 16 May 1928.


  1. The secret of successful fiction is a continual slight novelty.
  2. The future comes like an unwelcome guest.
  3. A state in which conversation exists not, is for me an air too empty of oxygen for my lungs to breathe it.
  4. The man who satisfies a ceaseless intellectual curiosity probably squeezes more out of life in the long run than anyone else.

Edmund Gosse was an English poet, author, and critic. His account of his childhood in the book Father and Son is often described as the first psychological biography. He was also a translator and he introduced the work of Henrik Ibsen and other European writers to English readers. Gosse was knighted in 1925.


 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 20th September 2020