Albert Payson Terhune

Literary Birthday – 21 December – Albert Payson Terhune

Albert Payson Terhune was born 21 December 1872 and died 18 February 1942.

Three Quotes

  1. Win without boasting. Lose without excuse.
  2. I have learned, as has many another better writer, to summon inspiration to my call as soon as I begin my day’s stint, and not to hang around waiting for it. Inspiration is merely a pretty phrase for the zest to work. And it can be cultivated by anyone who has the patience to try. Inspiration that will not come at its possessor’s summons is like a dog that cannot be trained to obey. The sooner both are gotten rid of, the better.
  3. Dogs, the foremost snobs in creation, are quick to notice the difference between a well-clad and a disreputable stranger.

Albert Payson Terhune was an American author, dog breeder, and journalist. He wrote adventures about Collies, most notably, Lad: A Dog, Lad Of Sunnybank, and Further Adventures of Lad.

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 21st December 2017