Alistair Maclean

Literary Birthday – 21 April – Alistair Maclean

Alistair MacLean was born 21 April 1922, and died 2 February 1987.

Five Quotes

  1. We are all brave men and we are all afraid, and what the world calls a brave man, he too is brave and afraid like the all rest of us. Only he is brave for five minutes longer.
  2. The point I make is simply that cruelty and hate and intolerance are the monopoly of no particular race or creed or time. They have been with us since the world began and are still with us, in every country in the world.
  3. I am not a novelist, I’m a storyteller.
  4. I’m not a born writer, and I don’t enjoy writing.
  5. I wrote each book in thirty-five days flat – just to get the darned thing finished.

Alistair MacLean was a Scottish novelist. He wrote popular thrillers and adventure stories including  The Guns of Navarone, Force 10 from Navone, and Where Eagles Dare.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 21st April 2014