Literary Birthday – 19 July – Alice Dunbar Nelson

Alice Dunbar Nelson was born 19 July 1875, and died 18 September 1935.

Six Quotes

  1. Every new fad or fashion at once has its denouncers from the pulpit, platform, professor’s chair.
  2. In every race, in every nation, and in every clime in every period of history there is always an eager-eyed group of youthful patriots who seriously set themselves to right the wrongs done to their race or nation or… art or self-expression.
  3. It’s punishment to be compelled to do what one doesn’t wish.
  4. Picturesqueness is a lost art. We may expect at anytime to hear that a collar ad is blazing its electric lights atop of the largest pyramid.
  5. I am profoundly in the D’s – discouraged, depressed, disheartened, disgusted.
  6. I sit and sew – a useless task it seems, My hands grown tired, my head weighed down with dreams…

Alice Dunbar Nelson was an American poet, journalist, and political activist. She wrote Give Us Each Day: The Diary of Alice Dunbar Nelson.

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Posted on: 19th July 2015