Amitava Kumar

Literary Birthday – 17 March – Amitava Kumar

Happy Birthday, Amitava Kumar, born 17 March 1963.


  1. Imagination makes us shape better stories, sure, but it also allows us to multiply possibilities.
  2. The writer will write in his or her words, but the readers, even when they are not reading you, will take it elsewhere entirely.
  3. It is clear from Salman Rushdie‘s writing that politics and literature cannot be separated. Everything is political.
  4. Criticism is, or ought to be, a judicious act.
  5. No civilisation has a monopoly on tolerance; each is capable of bigotry.
  6. Michael Ondaatje’s work taught me how to be at home in fragments, and how to think about a big story in carefully curated vignettes. All his books were odd, all of them ‘unfinished’ the way Chopin’s Études are unfinished: no wasted gestures, no unnecessary notes. (via)

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Amitava Kumar is an Indian writer and journalist. Kumar’s writing has appeared in many publications including Harper’s, Vanity Fair, The Hindu, and other publications in North America and India. He is the author of Nobody Does the Right Thing, A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb, and Husband of a Fanatic.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th March 2017