Ellen Wood

Literary Birthday – 17 January – Ellen Wood

Ellen Wood was born 17 January 1814, and died 10 February 1887.


  1. Shakespeare calls jealousy yellow and green; I think it may be called black and white for it most assuredly views white as black, and black as white. The most fanciful surmises wear the aspect of truth, the greatest improbabilities appear as consistent realities.
  2. Never let people talk secrets before children, for be assured that they comprehend a vast deal more than is expedient; the saying ‘that little pitchers have great ears’ is wonderfully true.
  3. Misery marks the countenance worse than sickness.
  4. Were our duty always pleasant to us, where would be the merit in fulfilling it?
  5. There never was a passion in this world, there never will be one, so fantastic, so delusive, so powerful as jealousy.

Ellen Wood, better known as Mrs. Henry Wood, was an English novelist. Many of her books became international bestsellers which were also popular in the United States. She even surpassed the fame of Charles Dickens in Australia. She wrote the sensational East Lynne in 1861, a melodramatic and moralising tale of the fall of virtue. It was translated into many languages and dramatised with great success. In 1867 she became the owner and editor of Argosy magazine.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th January 2020