Amanda Kyle Williams

Literary Birthday – 17 August – Amanda Kyle Williams

Amanda Kyle Williams was born 17 August 1957 and died 31 August 2018.


  1. [On overcoming writer’s block] Sitting down and putting your fingers on the keyboard. If you have to tie yourself to your chair, do it. Just start. Word-by-word.
  2. If I need inspiration I read a great writer.
  3. Get the words down. Fix it later. But you have to be fearless while you build your foundation.
  4. I hear the tone and rhythm of language. It’s a kind of music. That’s a direct result of the way I grew up.
  5. I get out all my evil thoughts writing crime fiction.
  6. I learned to write from reading and studying other writers.

Amanda Kyle Williams was an American crime writer best known for her Keye Street series of novels. She contributed to short story collections, wrote small press novels, and worked as a a freelance writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Amanda became a crime novelist with her first crime novel, The Stranger You Seek.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th August 2019