Andrew Smith

Literary Birthday – 16 July – Andrew Smith

Happy Birthday, Andrew Smith, born 16 July 1959.


  1. All good books are about everything, abbreviated.
  2. Stupid people should never read books.
  3. Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to decide not to decide, to remain confused and wide-eyed about the next thing that will pop up in the road you build.
  4. I write most of my stuff in the very early morning hours, as soon as I wake up. On long writing days, I usually will take a break and go out for a run. I never write past five o’clock in the afternoon. That’s quitting time. (via)
  5. I actually do start my stories with a particular quirky idea (like a dead horse falling out of the sky, or how two teens might trigger the end of the world in a recession-wracked Midwestern town) and then build a small universe around that idea. (via)

Andrew Smith is an award-winning American author of several Young Adult novels, including the critically acclaimed Grasshopper Jungle. He has written a number of other novels, including Winger, The Marbury Lens, and In the Path of Falling Objects. Smith is known for his dark subject matter, and his random writing style. Follow him on Twitter: @marburyjack

Source for photo and quotes: Goodreads

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 16th July 2018