Sylvia Brownrigg

Literary Birthday – 16 December – Sylvia Brownrigg

Happy Birthday, Sylvia Brownrigg, born 16 December 1964

Five Quotes

  1. I plan to learn enough to read you like a book.
  2. I’d like to pay your palms the same favour that you pay these pages, searching them for grooves and images and the secret signs of hunger, as you may scan these words for hidden messages.
  3. This was another item about growing up: you encountered all the cliches of love and loss and heartbreak.
  4. I’ve always liked books that spoke to me on different levels, that give me something to think about as well as a story to get involved in.
  5. No wonder you want to be a writer. How can you not, with all that behind you? You practically are a novel already.

Sylvia Brownrigg is an American writer. Sylvia’s work has been included on the NY Times Notable list and the LA Times Best Books of the Year. She is the author of six books of fiction, which include The Metaphysical Touch, Pages for You, and Pages For Her.

 by Amanda Patterson

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