Book Review – Pages For Her

Pages For Her by Sylvia Brownrigg (Picador) ISBN: 9781509831067

Pages For Her is the story of Flannery, a writer, and Anne, a respected academic. 20 years after their brief, passionate affair, Flannery has the chance to meet Anne again at a writing conference.

Flannery has married Charles, a bombastic, emotionally abusive, narcissistic artist. They have a young daughter, Willa. After she becomes a mother, we see that Flannery has lost herself to her husband’s demands and his overbearing personality.

Anne has recently parted from Jasper with whom she shared a long, loving partnership. Jasper wanted children. Anne did not.

I loved this book. Sylvia Brownrigg plays with words, painting pictures as she creates patterns and puzzles with the 26 letters of the alphabet. She is that one author in a million who knows how to tell and not show. It takes an artist to get this right.

If you love beautiful writing and interesting characters, read this book.

Amanda Patterson

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