Literary Birthday – 11 July – Bobbie Louise Hawkins

Bobbie Louise Hawkins was born 11 July 1930 and died 4 May 2018.


  1. As an only child, I really put in a lot of time without anybody else around except for books, and I really believed that the world I read in books existed out there.
  2. Your mind gets on something and you just meander along with it. I don’t think that’s fiction. It’s all autobiography.
  3. People are absolutely willing to let a woman be a ‘muse‘, and that has to be the worst job description in the world. Being a muse means you sit someplace and watch this other person have all the fun.

Bobbie Louise Hawkins was an American short story writer, monologist, and poet. She wrote more than twenty books of poetry and prose and she was member of the Beat movement.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 11th July 2019