Book Review – Jane Eyre Laid Bare

by Charlotte Bronte & Eve Sinclair (Pan) ISBN: 978-1-4472-2928-5

Poor Jane Eyre. An orphan attracted to the unattainable and moody Mr Rochester has undergone many storylines to fit in with the modern reader. When I picked this book, I groaned. Is this another Fifty Shades of Grey copycat author? Another writer who has little understanding of storytelling or language? However, I was wrong. I enjoyed Jane Eyre Laid Bare.

Eve Sinclair, in her debut novel, has kept the plot true to the original. The language has remained formal with elaborate phrases. This will, undoubtedly disappoint the purists and frighten off the instant-gratification reader. Somehow, the language made the erotica more sensual.

The story is told in first person. Jane is virginal and attracted to her ‘master’. Her observation of her sexually awakening body is delightful and filled with innocence. Jane is a strong character and this is obvious from beginning to end. Her sexual attraction to Rochester is believable for a young girl exploring her sexuality.

I loved the story and enjoyed the ending even more. Sinclair ends on a surprising but far-from-disappointing scene. I realise many readers will not share my delight.

Ulrike Hill


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Posted on: 29th November 2012