Book Review – Inheritance

by Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (Pan) ISBN 978-0-330-51326-5

This story is a clever send up of how the wealthy live.

Lyric lands up at a finishing school. Her own background is undeniably privileged but the other girls who flaunt their enormous wealth totally floor Lyric. They use private jets like buses. A boyfriend takes her first class on an aeroplane and she sits up all night because she doesn’t want anyone to know that she can’t operate the tray or extend her seat. 

Lyric lives with a friend called Crispin, who helps her to decide on what to wear. When she chooses to shop at Chanel, Crispin dares to go into the change room and begins to cut the dress shorter. Lyric sees that the expensive dress looks better. Crispin says the couturiers would fix up the dress his way.

The name dropping never ends. Jimmy Choo shoes, designer bags, fleets of limousines, Louis Vuitton rope wedges. A Faberge Egg is passed around at a party. You help yourself to the powder in it with a diamond encrusted spoon. At one party she drains her wine glass to find a diamond at the bottom of the glass. Drug rehab is part of the vocabulary.

Eventually Lyric falls deeply in love with Philippe. There is even a sky jacking in this story. I think young people would enjoy this book. It’s all happening to them today on different levels of life.

Dee Andrew 

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Posted on: 6th November 2011