My Writing Journey – How Writers Write Changed My Life

Almost a year ago I started my journey with your team. I walked into a room feeling nervous, not because of the Writers Write course, but out of my own fear. “Should I be here? What am I doing here?” These were a few of the thoughts that darted inside my mind like little fireflies stuck in jar, desperately trying to get out.

The room slowly started warming up with bodies, not the dead ones we would eventually write about in an exercise, but the kind of human bodies that spoke my language. Other writers. The course was brilliant and our teacher, Mia was something else. Digging up and divulging the darkest corners of our lives and chewing on the sinew of our own fears became our daily doings. And just like that, the lid of the jar popped open and the fireflies escaped. I was fearless and the journey Mia took us on took me to the edge of my mountain. I jumped.

I resigned from my job the following Monday. I knew I couldn’t spend another day of my life not writing. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I had to create a void. You know the saying “make room for something else”? So I did.

That something else came very quickly. I needed a job where I could write creatively, change the world, have a positive impact, and make money. Not a lot to ask for is it? Well, there seemed to be no job opportunities that filled my request. Standing on the edge of that mountain, with the confidence of Writers Write behind me, I created my own company!

I am now the passionate owner of Doodle Your Future. We write good news stories for companies. Our vision is to transform and enhance the lives of all people and children through corporate good news storytelling. We offer companies a meaningful and creative solution to corporate social investment initiatives. “How bloody marvellous!” yup! I just whispered that out loud.

This deep desire to enhance the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in South Africa, my passion for writing and good news has always been inside of me. It took the unknowing nudge of Writers Write to give me the confidence and understanding of my purpose.

Now, I spend my days being creative, writing, and changing the world one story at a time. I have my wonderful author’s club right behind me – a group of powerful women writers from my course. Not to mention the best business partner anyone could ask for, my sister.

To think it all started with that very scary thought of “What am I doing here?” to jumping off a cliff and flying. Thank you, Amanda and Mia, and Writers Write. What you offer the world of writers is life changing. I hope that all the students that dip their ink with you will allow magic to happen too!

Much Love

Tammany Barton

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Posted on: 11th July 2016

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