7 Ways To Outline A Plot: The Ultimate Infographic

Here are a variety of ways to outline a plot in this infographic.

There are many ways to create a plot outline for your novel.

“Outlines can be:

  1. 50-page detailed plans
  2. A reworking of The Hero’s Journey
  3. A simple series of index cards with a list of characters, major scenes and sequels
  4. Structured timelines
  5. A series of character questionnaires showing development, motivations, flaws and strengths
  6. Story maps
  7. One-page chapter-by-chapter outlines
  8. One-page synopses

(Source: 5 Really Good Reasons To Outline Your Novel by Amanda Patterson)

Now Novel has created a handy Infographic that suggests 7 ways for you to outline your novel.

Source: Now Novel

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Posted on: 18th August 2017