How To Make Google Work For You

If you blog or write for social media, you probably use Google more than most people do. It’s worth your while getting to know how to use it to make your life easier and to get the most out of this incredibly useful tool.

You will find a list of useful Google tips and tools in this Infographic from WhoIsHostingThis?

They say: “Just by learning a few formatting and punctuation tricks, you can tell Google how your search terms are related, or exclude certain words or phrases. You can also narrow down your search with criteria like location or pricing, or use Google to search within a single website.

If you’re still not getting the results you need, Google has several other little-known features that can widen your search. Webmasters can easily find images for their websites and blogs with Google Images, and researchers need only visit Google Books or Google Scholar to search through print publications and research papers in any field.”


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by Amanda Patterson

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