Book Review – You Said Forever

by Susan Lewis (Century) ISBN 9781780896052

This is a touching story of a mother’s devotion to her troubled eight-year-old. The story is set five years after Alex Lake, now Charlotte Goodman, rescued Chloe from a life of abuse.

In their new life in England, Charlotte is married to Anthony who represented her in her case to adopt Chloe. Together they have two of their own children: four-year-old, Cooper and 18-month-old, Elodie.

While Charlotte seems to have the perfect life, we are introduced to her problems, which include Chloe’s violent tantrums and her rocky relationship with Anthony.

She struggles to balance her time between her children and trying to keep their failing business afloat. Charlotte finds both comfort and anxiety with blogger, Polly Greenborough, who faced the same issues with her adopted daughter, Roxanne.

Will Chloe ever get past the trauma she faced? Will their marriage survive? Will the Goodmans live happily ever after? Definitely one of the best by Susan Lewis.

Alicia Sibanda

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