Book Review – Watching the Wheels: My Autobiography

by Damon Hill (Macmillan) ISBN 978-1-5098-3191-3

Watching The Wheels is an open and sincere account of Damon Hill’s personal and professional life growing up as the son of formula one legend, Graham Hill. Damon Hill’s autobiography can be compared to the intoxicating, thrilling and rush of the world of Formula One.

At a very young age Damon was faced with death constantly. I truly had no idea that there were so many deaths in the Formula One racing community, whether it was on the track or just downright freak accidents. Damon takes us on his journey as a child growing into adulthood, dealing with his father’s tragic death as the young age of fifteen and ultimately his own battle with depression. For a long time, Damon lived in his father’s shadow and struggled to find the meaning and purpose of his own life.

Being an Ayrton Senna fan, I was interested in Damon’s account of the events that led up to Ayrton Senna’s fatal crash and all the speculation around his death.

Damon’s book is really courageous. I enjoyed it.

Tracy-Ann Damons

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Posted on: 5th August 2017