Book Review – Uncommon Type

Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks (Cornerstone) ISBN: 9781785151521

If you’re like me, you started writing on a typewriter rather than a word processor. There’s a certain magic and nostalgia in the clacking of the keys and the thrilling triumphant ring of the carriage return.

In Tom Hanks’ short story collection, a typewriter plays a part – sometimes in a minor way, other times it is central to the story. The seventeen stories cover a broad scope of characters and situations, from the wry and whimsical to the absurd and the melancholic.

Tom Hanks, the actor we have learned to love from his early days in movies like ‘Splash’ to classics like ‘Forest Gump’ proves himself an accomplished writer — and the short stories he shares here are sparkling examples of his wit, insight, and warm as a storyteller.

PS: If you haven’t tried the Hanx typewriter app on your smartphone, you’re missing out – it’s a bit of old school cool in the digital space.

Anthony Ehlers