Book Review – Toyboy

Toyboy by Leon Van Nierop (Penguin) ISBN 9781485903284

Toyboy is the story of Tristan, a feckless drifting gigolo who is coming to terms with how his life is about to change.

He is obsessed with his first love, Christina, who taught him everything he knows about lovemaking and the art of seduction. Tristan’s home is filled with extremely expensive items, gifts and token from him many satisfied clients, but he feels empty inside, and as his next birthday draws closer he knows that he is getting closer and closer to his fate.

I really wanted to like this book, and tried very hard to find some merit in it, but I found the story line contrived, and I didn’t like the hero very much. The style of writing also made this a difficult read, too many descriptive passages leading to nothing. While being wonderfully descriptive of Johannesburg, even those moments didn’t add to the story.

Toyboy is supposed to be an erotic novel, so it does have a lot of sex in it, but even the sex scenes were not sexy. This was not one of my favourite reads.

Merissa Himraj