Book Review – The Store

The Store by James Patterson (Century) ISBN: 9781780895345

James Patterson is one of the world’s bestselling writers of all time. In The Store, he shows us his expertise in thriller writing.  You will keep turning the pages.

Jacob and Megan Brandeis are New York writers who find themselves in a dilemma after their book is not published. They are convinced that the Store is involved. They take up jobs, working for the Store as undercover to dig up some secrets and write a book about it.

They move cities to start on their new jobs. and they are introduced to a whole new world of drones and hidden cameras, which monitor their every move. This might disturb their plan to write a book. While Jacob struggles to understand the whole setup of their new lifestyle, his children quickly adjust and hie eventually gives in. Their newfound friends have also changed. Could Jacob be losing himself? The discoveries he makes put his life in great danger.

A thrilling read; each chapter is more exciting than the last.

Sinobukhosi Mpofu