Book Review – The Stolen Marriage

The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain (MacMillan) ISBN 978-1509808540

Tess De Mello marries a mysterious stranger, Henry Kraft and moves to his family home in Hickory, North Carolina. She feels completely alone and it doesn’t help that her new in-laws and the local community treat her with grave suspicion and disdain.

Tess feels trapped in a bizarre, loveless marriage as she starts to notice her husband’s strange behaviour. Things become more puzzling when Tess discovers money that is hidden away in Henry’s cupboard and she feels she needs to get out of the Kraft household and end her marriage. Much to her dismay, Tess learns that marriage laws in North Carolina makes it impossible to exit her marriage.

Against her husband’s wishes, Tess completes her nursing degree which comes in handy when there is a polio outbreak in the area. In just three days the community build a polio hospital. Henry relents and allows Tess to work at the hospital after his initial disapproval just as fate steps in.

Diane Chamberlain  is a brilliant writer and she captures Tess’s story of adversity and how, against all odds, Tess grows stronger each day. I love the way Diane weaves in actual events that took place in Hickory with Tess’s story.

Tracy-Ann Damons