Book Review – The Snowman

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo (Vintage) ISBN: 9781784704759

Jo Nesbo has the most enviable CV I’ve ever read. He is a military man, a musician, a financial expert and an internationally acclaimed crime thriller author as well as the creator of the star of this novel, Inspector Harry Hole.

On the eve of the first snow in Oslo, Hole is assigned a new partner in the form of Katrine Bratt. Pretty soon the mutilated bodies of wives and mothers start turning up and Hole is on the hunt for the perpetrator, nicknamed The Snowman. With Bratt in tow, Hole connects a series of disappearances over more than two decades to build the profile of Norway’s very first serial killer. As he closes in on the Snowman he realises that the murderer is more likely in his own backyard than hiding in the forests of snowy Norway.

The Snowman is the perfect summer read. Nesbo delivers suspense that makes more than 500 pages melt away just like the snow he uses as a beautiful but chilling backdrop to this Harry Hole thriller.

Justine Cullinan

Posted on: 27th November 2017