Book Review – The Shadow Sister – Star’s Story

by Lucinda Riley (Macmillan) ISBN 978-1-4472-8860-2

Review 1

This is the third book in The Seven Sisters series, a family saga that begins with the death of the mysterious billionaire known as Pa Salt. His six adopted daughters, the D’Aplièse sisters, are each left a letter, an object, and a set of coordinates, which will take them on a journey to discover their true heritage.

Lucinda Riley is a wonderful storyteller, and with Star’s story, the threads of past and present are skilfully woven as Star begins to discover herself and finally steps out of her sister CeCe’s shadow. Her journey takes her to an evocative old bookstore in London with a suitably brooding owner, and from there to a country estate in the Lake District. Along the way, Edwardian history comes alive with Lucinda’s rich descriptions and her brilliant use of real characters like Beatrix Potter and Alice Keppel.

At over 600 pages, it seems a little intimidating at first. But Lucinda definitely holds your attention, taking you deeper into her characters’ lives, convincing you you’re going one way, and then surprising you with yet one more reveal that changes everything.

I loved her characters, the richness of the settings and that feeling of being swept away by a storyline that keeps expanding. I just wish the next one was a little closer on the horizon!

Judy Ward

Review 2

Lucinda Riley is a brilliant story teller, so much so that I read through the night to get to the end. She spans two centuries. Her characters are so well drawn that I was thrilled to discover their new found families.

The seven sisters are all adopted from different parts of the world and are united in their love for Pa Salt, who seems to have passed on, or has he?

To enjoy this brilliant novel to the full it is advisable to make a note of all the characters, for easy reference. Set mainly in a dusty antique book shop in London and a beautiful large country house, you have the feeling of settling down and exhaling in front of a warm fire.

Dee Andrew

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