Book Review – The President’s Keepers

The President’s Keepers: Those Keeping Zuma in Power and Out of Prison by Jacques Pauw (Tafelberg) ISBN 9780624083030

Book Review - The President’s Keepers

Never in my lifetime has the future of my life, and the future of my country, been so threatened. I didn’t live through the late Apartheid years but I hear my elders say day after day this is how it was. It is a feeling in the air and in the pit of your stomach every morning that the world around you is not well and is constantly getting worse.

Jacques Pauw, an anti-Apartheid journalist, did live through those dark days and he does feel the regression back into a world of thugs and spies under Jacob Zuma and the ANC. Courageously, he and his sources have, to use former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan’s words, “joined the dots” between the obviously corrupt and those in the shadows who support these deviants and villains in their corrupt conquests against the people of this land.

You must read this book. You must know your enemies. Just as they have known you and have enjoyed your tax money these last 10 years.

Buy this book in defiance of a gangster-state government that would ban the truth. More power to the author and may his words inspire action against the corrupt ANC government led by Jacob Zuma.

Christopher Dean

The President’s Keepers: Those Keeping Zuma in Power and Out of Prison by Jacques Pauw (Tafelberg) ISBN 9780624083030

Jacques Pauw has a great sense of humour. The introduction is highly amusing and draws you into the work as does a novel. However, this is anything but a laughing matter or fiction.

Zuma and his cohorts have captured the state of South Africa, using it to finance themselves: royally. The method used encompasses the state-owned enterprises, police, National Intelligence Agency, National Prosecuting Authority and SARS.

All these state-owned enterprises need to be under control to facilitate corruption, the use of unlawful money, kickbacks from tenders, and of course the Gupta’s. This points to a mafia state. The main character, Jacob Zuma, needs protection from state prosecution.

The author explores these astonishing facts and a trail of lies, cronies and spies. Many have had their careers ruined through false accusations and deceit.

Pauw is a brave man: disturbing the hornet’s nest. Some of these stories have been exposed over the years, but he fits all the pieces together with an explosive impact. The reader is left stunned and incredulous. It is a must-read.

Dawn Blankfield

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