Book Review – The Pearl Sister

The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley (Macmillan) ISBN 978-1-5098-4005-2

At last! The story of the fourth sister has been revealed, taking us on a journey to the Australian Outback. Lucinda Riley continues to create beautifully atmospheric settings, historical depth, and a story you just have to finish.

She weaves a tale that swirls through the centuries, connecting events and people in unexpected ways. CeCe’s journey of discovery has roots a hundred years ago in Edinburgh, when Kitty McBride leaves Scotland for Australia. They both need resilience and determination to keep going, and the decisions they make along the way will alter their fates and futures.

CeCe discovers that her star in the constellation of the Seven Sisters shines brightly in the red centre of Australia, close to her artistic ancestors, and she is inspired. I loved how the remarkable story of her survival as a new-born links circles within circles in the larger Seven Sisters narrative.

Now I will have to wait for Autumn 2018 for the release of The Moon Sister and another episode in this addictive saga, which just seems to get better and better.

Judy Ward

The Pearl Sister by Lucinda Riley (Macmillan) ISBN: 9781509840052

Lucinda Riley is a human novel machine. She’s without doubt my favourite chic-lit saga novelist of current times. In 2014 she committed to writing a novel a year about seven adopted sisters, each on the hunt for their identity. The Pearl Sister is the fourth in this series.

The clue to CeCe’s past comes in the form of a surprise inheritance and a black and white photograph of an Aboriginal man standing alongside a young boy. She embarks tentatively on a journey to Australia, via a sudden and mysterious summer romance in Thailand that turns out to be more public than shy CeCe expects. In Australia CeCe discovers the Aboriginal art legacy of her family and the stories of her ancestors beginning with Kitty McBride, the first member of her family to set foot in the Outback.

The Pearl Sister is another triumph for the always dependable Lucinda Riley. This novel is the perfect read for a voracious devourer of novels. I look forward to this year’s instalment of the Seven Sisters.

Justine Cullinan