Book Review – The Haunting of Hiram

by Eva Ibbotson (Pan Macmillan) ISBN: 9781447265672

Eva Ibbotson is the award-winning author of young adult books like Journey to the River Sea and The Abominables.

The Haunting of Hiram tells the spooky tale of twelve-year-old Alex MacBuff who cannot afford to keep the castle that has belonged to his family for six hundred years. A millionaire American from Texas, Hiram C. Hopgood, decides to buy it under one condition. He will only purchase the castle if there are no ghosts to scare his sickly ten-year-old daughter, Helen.

Alex sends his ghosts, which include a hellhound called Cyril and Krok the Viking warrior, away. The ghosts are miserable without Alex and their castle. They decide to take their chances and go back to find Alex. Mr Hopgood, in the meantime, dismantles the castle and has it sent back to Texas for rebuilding. The ghosts decide to go with the dismantled castle on the boat to America. Alex also travels to America, to oversee the rebuilding in Texas.

Alex and Helen become instant friends. Helen learns that she is brave and strong when she is kidnapped by cross-dressing crooks and meets Alex’s ghosts.

This fast-paced adventure kept my children of nine and eleven enthralled.

Ewa Fabris
Posted on: 14th April 2016