Book Review – The Cutthroat

The Cutthroat by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott (Penguin) ISBN 9780718184650

Set in the early 1900s The Cutthroat follows the life of Chief Investigator Isaac Bell who is hired by William Pape, a rich businessman to investigate the disappearance of his teenage daughter, Anna Pape.

Anna left home with dreams of being a famous actress in New York and soon disappeared without a trace. Fearful that his daughter has run away, William requests the help of Private Detective Isaac Bell. The disappearance soon turns to a homicide investigation after he finds the eighteen-year-old brutally murdered. Although Isaac was hired to find the girl he soon works tirelessly to bring the killer to justice.

He demonstrates an impressive perseverance as he sets out to find the girl’s killer. After uncovering a trail of bodies – teenage girls mostly – all killed in the same ruthless way, he goes on a manhunt for a serial killer. Together with his team at Van Dorn Detective Agency they realize that the killings coincide with the destinations of a traveling theatre.

Although the story is set in a different century, the insight into Isaac makes it highly relatable. It’s a chilling tale of a heartless serial killer on the hunt for justice. Definitely a must read.

Alicia Sibanda

Posted on: 27th November 2017