Book Review – The Book Of Mirrors

by E.O. Chirovici (Century) ISBN 9781780895680

This debut deals with a shocking murder committed at Princeton University in the late 80s. The professor’s death resurfaces some twenty-five years later, when a literary agent receives a manuscript, which seems to be a veiled confession from the murderer.

The Book of Mirrors isn’t a whodunit but a whydunit. ‘I’ve always thought that after 300 pages readers should get something more than just finding out who killed Tom, Dick or Harry,’ the authors writes, ‘no matter how surprising and sophisticated the twists might have been.’

This is a smart, well-paced, highly readable thriller – that adds a light touch to a world set in academia, which can be a ponderous subject. It has an elegant style and the theme – of exploring memories and, more so, creating false memories– was intriguing.

Anthony Ehlers

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Posted on: 6th April 2017