Book Review – The Amazing Talent Show

by Lynn Bedford Hall (Struik) ISBN:978-1-43230-649-6

There is a stage, there is a competition, there are talented animals and most importantly there is a little girl living on a farm feeling very lonely. Until one evening, as the moon and stars come out, a wise old owl takes Mattie to the most magical talent show she will ever experience.

Mattie meets Olivia the ostrich who can stretch her legs from the ground to the sky. She loves practising her ballet sequence in her pink ballet shoes. Ellie the elephant can juggles balls around with his long grey trunk. Have you ever seen a Pig on a bicycle on a tight rope across a river? Neither had I, until I joined Mattie at The Amazing Talent Show. You can’t go wrong with a Donkey named Dilly who can sing, or can he?

All the animals come together to show off their talents and Mattie helps them be the best that they can be!

This is a lovely bedside story for all children and parents.

Tammany Barton

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Posted on: 6th August 2017