Book Review – Testimony

Testimony by Scott Turow (Mantle) ISBN: 9781509843329

Ferko Rincic is the sole survivor and the only witness who can testify to the sudden disappearance of four hundred Roma (Gypsey) people. An entire refugee camp vanished overnight in Barupa, Bosnia. Ferko was hiding and witnessed his community being pushed into trucks at gunpoint by unknown forces. He is testifying at the ICC court in The Hague. The records will show him as witness number one.

Bill ten Boom from the USA is commissioned to be the prosecutor for the ICC. His witness has stated that after the trucks came and took his people, he heard an explosion at the bottom of the hill. Ten Boom needs to investigate further and gather the facts. Here begins a legal thriller.

The plot is complicated and intriguing, with fiction and some facts mixed in. Revealing the USA as peace keepers for NATO may have had another agenda. The main character relates his story with conviction and the story is compelling. The author is a brilliant writer who captured my interest from start to end.

Dawn Blankfield

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Posted on: 6th August 2017