Book Review – Stasi Child

by David Young (Minotaur Books) ISBN 978-1-78577-006-7

Oberleutnant Karin Muller is called to investigate a teenage girl’s body at the foot of the Berlin Wall. She imagines she’s seen it all before, but then realises that the girl was evidently trying to escape from West Berlin to East Berlin.

Muller sees the tortured girl’s body, with no teeth, just bloody mangled gums, a hand stretched out and strangely enough, and shoes on the wrong feet.

Muller has to work with Stasi officer, Klaus Jager who thinks the teenager had been running for her life. It was not easy to defect to the West from the East.

This mystery thriller covers all aspects of the hated East and the desperate measures people took to escape to the West.

Dee Andrew

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Posted on: 6th August 2017