Book Review – Stars Of Fortune

Book One of The Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts (Piatkus) ISBN: 9780349407807

Sasha is a successful young artist, solitary, contented in her North Carolina mountain cottage. She begins dreaming night and day about five young people whom she feels she knows yet doesn’t. They urge her to travel to a place where she will gather them around her. As a team they will embark on a dangerous quest to find the star.

Sasha has no idea what this means, but knows she is a seer who can no longer downplay her gift. She must trust her dreams. She will meet a dark haired man whose intense eyes mesmerise her. He carries lightning in his hands. Long, long ago she loved him deeply. She sees a tall man with a sword, another with a golden compass and two beautiful, magical women with secrets. Sasha creates detailed sketches and paintings of them all. She will know them when she finds them.

She sees cliffs and wild seas, sunlight and great beauty, but also darkness, storms, blood and pain. She must journey to the Greek island of Corfu to meet her destiny. 

Irene Roper

Posted on: 14th April 2016