Book Review – Sourdough

Sourdough by Robin Sloan (Atlantic Books) ISBN: 9781786494382

What a quirky, funny book this turned out to be.

Lois Clary leads what can only be described as a mundane existence. After years of studying and graduating college, she finds herself employed as a busy software engineer with no life what to ever. Her only human interactions comes in the form of her nightly food order from the amazing local takeaway that has just opened up.

When the two brothers who run the takeaway have to suddenly leave, they gift Lois with the starter culture that makes their famous sourdough bread. Soon Lois is embarking on a journey that sees her hi-tech world collide with that of bread making. Armed with the culture, she bakes bread that unlocks secrets.

Using the technology she is coding, she is able to churn out as many loaves as people want, and they do want them. Before long Lois is up to her eyeballs in starter trouble that starts brewing all over the place.

Sourdough is witty, clever escapism at its best. It’s hard to define, but once you get it, you won’t stop smiling.

Merissa Himraj