Book Review – The Secrets She Keeps

by Michael Robotham (Sphere) ISBN: 978-0-7515-6277-4

Book Review – The Secrets She Keeps

By all accounts Meghan Shaughnessy lives the domestic dream. She is beautiful, popular with the other moms, a mother of two children, and married to a sports celebrity. She so shines in her domestic role that she evens posts a blog on motherhood. And now she is pregnant with their third child.

On the face of it Meghan has it all. She lives a seemingly perfect life, a life that many would aspire to, and even covet – and perhaps someone does. Agatha idolises Meghan and watches her every move. For Agatha, Meghan has it all, with plenty to spare. As she watches, she judges too – does she really deserve any of it?

In The Secrets She Keeps Michael Robotham plumbs the depths of the maternal instinct. The yearning for offspring, the price many will pay for it, and the extent to which mothers will go to protect their young. Robotham is the master of the psychological thriller. In his latest offering he tests the limits of suspense and intrigue as a young girl longs for the idyllic family life, while another fights to maintain her own.

I loved Robotham’s latest release and he remains one of my favourite suspense authors.

Wayne Bouwer

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