Book Review – Salt Houses

by Hala Alyan (Hutchinson) ISBN 978-1-78-633042-0

With beautifully written prose, we follow a Palestinian family as they live their lives in many cities, from Kuwait to America.

Salt Houses explores the sense of loss and questions of identity for the children and grandchildren of Alia and Atef.

Together they are powerful, having grandparents nearby and the rest of the family also living close by. Their love binds them, even when they have to live far from each other. War interferes and they are forced to build new lives in new cities, remembering their wonderful past. The grandparents play a wonderful role, showing both proud love and criticism.

If you have visited any of the places that the characters have been to, you will find the author tugging at your heart and memory.

Dee Andrew

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Posted on: 30th June 2017