Book Review – Reasons To Stay Alive

Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig (Canongate) ISBN 9781782115083

If you’ve ever suffered from depression or anxiety attacks, or worse – both at the same time, you will be grateful that someone has managed to articulate the experience so eloquently.

Matt Haig’s memoir of coming to terms with one of the most debilitating and frightening illnesses is beautifully written. He makes the point that depression is as real as cancer or flu or a broken arm, but the stigma attached to it remains. Books like this one will help to remove it.

There are many ways people learn to cope, including therapy and medication. Haig’s way of coping was to experience it fully, which is okay if you have the luxury of the unconditional and available support of other people. No matter how you’ve managed to cope with the abyss, walk through it, make friends with it and emerge somewhat intact, this book speaks for you.

Read it if you are suffering from depression, have ever suffered from depression, or if you want to understand the experience of being human and being alive.

Amanda Patterson