Book Review – Madam And Eve, Take Us To Your Leader

by Stephen Francis and Rico (Jacana) ISBN 9781431424306

Neither Stephen Francis nor Rico are South African born, but living here gives them a great outlook on the humorous side of living in South Africa. The wit and hilarity with which they depict daily political, economic and sport occurrences, typical cultural misconceptions, and just about anything currently trending, is what keeps us reading these strips.

I giggled my way through this compilation of the popular Madam and Eve cartoon strips we read daily in newspapers such as The Star. The added element of Alien invasion, both here and abroad puts a different spin on politics.

My favourite character is the gin and tonic loving Gogo, Edith. She has no guard in front of her mouth and calls it as she sees it.

Little Thandi is as entrepreneurial as ever with Uber and PayPal. She is creative with her school work and tests, but smart enough to know Gogo Edith is not necessarily the best person to ask for help when it comes to homework assignments.

This is most certainly a book for the coffee table in South African homes with a sense of humour.

Maria Vosloo

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Posted on: 22nd June 2017