Book Review – Innocents And Others

by Dana Spiotta (Picador) ISBN 9781509839124

Childhood friends Meadow and Carrie grow up in Los Angeles loving films and filmmaking. They have different styles and reasons but they both grow up to be filmmakers. While Meadow focuses on controversial documentaries, Carrie creates feature films.

Amy aka Nicole or Jelly, is a telesales woman who starts to call powerful men and have long conversations with them pretending to be who she sounds like – young, slim and sexy – and not who she is – middle aged, overweight and plain. She never meets any of the men in case their fantasy of her is shattered…

Then there is Sarah, who is in prison for arson and the resulting murder of her baby. Is she guilty or innocent?

It is written in a unique style and it is a thought-provoking read. There are elements of humanity, integrity, ethics, and motivation to ponder.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff

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Posted on: 6th August 2017