Book Review – If I Die Tonight

If I Die Tonight by A.L. Gaylin (Century) ISBN: 9781780896373

If I Die Tonight is a suspenseful crime thriller set in a secretive small town.

Jackie Reed remembers a time when her sons told her everything. Now both Connor and Wade seem to be slipping away from her. When a popular classmate of Wade’s is killed trying to stop a car theft one rainy night, Jackie is thrown into turmoil when the police and townspeople start to look for the culprit.

Fingers seem to be pointing at Wade who is hiding something, although Jackie is convinced that she knows her son well enough to know that he is not a killer. Connor Reed is not too sure if Wade is really innocent: where was he that night and why did he come back with wet clothes to ask Connor to dump a small plastic bag far from home?

Officer Pearl Maze, working on her first big case in this small town, is faced with mounting evidence against the Reed boy, but has a nagging suspicion that all is not as it seems.

I loved how the author built tension throughout the story. The twists and turns are sharp and unexpected making this a truly exceptional read.

Merissa Himraj

Posted on: 27th November 2017