Book Review – Humans, Bow Down

Humans, Bow Down by James Patterson (Century) ISBN 9781780895505

As I am a fan of dystopian novels, James Patterson’s Humans, Bow Down didn’t disappoint me.

The Great War has ended. Three days and it was over! The hu-bots have taken over and there’s no place for humans. The remaining people are forced to live an undesirable life, forced into submission and bowing down to the robots, they have become slaves to the same machines they created.

Six, a young rebel at heart, still has flashes of how life was before the hu-bots took over and nearly drove the human race instinct. After a rebellious act goes wrong she and her best friend, Dubs go on the run from the law, armed with a Q-comp – a device that could potentially save them all.

She forms an unlikely friendship with the same hu-bot sent to hunt her down and with that, an undying love for her family and help from the unlikeliest of sources they fight to save the human race. It’s only the beginning of a new war to regain the planet earth!

The illustrations in the novel filled my head with images that will stay with me for a long time to come. An amazing read that left me wanting more.

Alicia Sibanda

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