Book Review – Hiding In Plain Sight

Hiding In Plain Sight by Susan Lewis (Century) ISBN 978-1780896069

When 14-year-old Penny Lawrence disappeared, her family would have given anything to have her back. 27 years later, after a fruitless search by countless detectives, including her late father, Penny’s older sister Andee has accepted that she’s probably dead.

And then Penny shows up. Where has she been all this time? Why did she run away? Why is she back? Michelle Cross, Kate Sylvander, and even Andee Lawrence are some of the names Penny now uses. And her name is not the only thing she changed. It’s pretty clear that Penny is successful, but holes soon appear in her stories.

When Penny’s businesses rouse more suspicions, Andee knows that a family reunion is not what Penny had in mind. The appearance of a mysterious young man who won’t talk to anyone but Andee adds to the suspense. Just as Andee is about to give up on her sister’s humanity, she realises that for the first time, Penny does indeed need her.

Hiding In Plain Sight is one of the best novels I’ve read in a long time!

Alicia Sibanda

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Posted on: 24th October 2017