Book Review – Hasta La Gupta, Baby!

Hasta La Gupta, Baby! by Zapiro (Jacana) ISBN: 9781431425754

If you truly want to understand those headlines about the notorious Gupta brothers, the constant back and forth around missing state funds and a quick view on the mis-management that has been running rife in South Africa, then get this book.

Featuring cartoons that have appeared in the Sunday Times, Daily Maverick and Mail and Guardian, Hasta La Gupta, Baby! chronicles the capture of South Africa in a series of well thought out, clever cartoons that offer commentary on the Guptas’ influence, and examines the compliance of several key government figures in a satirical and humorous way.

Zapiro has a reputation of being provocative, topical, and even offensive. This book showcases some of his best work and provides some funny but important food for thought. The importance and impact of Zapiro’s astute observations will dawn on you long after you have laughed out loud at the absurdity of the situations that have beset our country.

This is a great read for a lazy Sunday afternoon; it will leave you enlightened.

Merissa Himraj